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"Give Me A Reason" Video Out Now

Watch the new video HERE

Travis Marsh is back with a new music video for his latest track “Give Me A Reason.” The song was produced by longtime collaborator Smitty Soul and really pulls the heart strings, delving into a past toxic relationship that has since affected Marsh’s ability to move on with his life..

 “I was trying to get my mind off things by seeing various other people, and in the process, I realized that my mind kept finding similarities between all of the women I had been seeing and my ex. This would trigger a sort of fear in me that would keep me from pursuing them further.”

 Taking inspiration from this experience, the music video follows Marsh through a string of various scenarios with different woman but finding similarities in each and unable to get his head around it. One off which being the same tattoo on each of the girls, which was actually based off a real-life situation that occurred on Marsh’s pursuit of happiness.

 The entire video was shot in LA in one day, and some of you may recognize the famous Rag Doll Pink Palace location where the majority of the shots were taken, with the rest being filmed in a studio in DLTA. The video was produced by Nock Nock Creative and directed by Qualia Creatives.